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CoolSmooth Pro Gets You Lean Thighs in No Time

The outer thigh can be the bane of many a man or woman’s existence. If you’re like many people, it doesn’t matter how many squats, lunges, or deadlifts you do; if your outer thighs are your problem area then that fat won’t budge. Until now, that is. Enter the CoolSmooth Pro. This applicator from CoolSculpt was designed specifically for the outer thighs.

The outer thigh has fat that is hard to pinch. Add to that the rounded shape and attaching an applicator might seem impossible. CoolSmooth Pro is flat and covers the outer thigh area. Most patients see up to a 20% decrease in fat after one treatment!


How Can CoolSmooth Pro Help?

CoolSmooth Pro can help you achieve the lean look you want and is totally FDA approved. This procedure works by freezing and killing the fat cells that plague your outer thigh. You might be wondering what happens to the cells if they’re not removed like in more invasive procedures. After your CoolSmooth Pro procedure, your body will naturally shed the dead fat cells through its metabolism. This is why you’ll continue to see slimming results weeks after treatment.


Does It Hurt?
In addition to offering stellar results, this procedure is much less expensive than liposuction, doesn’t scar your body, and requires no down time. Get your procedure then head out to the movies or back to work!

Dr. Bodner is a CoolSculpt trained and certified physician. He can answer any questions you have and ensure you choose the body sculpting procedure that will work best for you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or check out some of our other articles on CoolSculpting.

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